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eatingstyle-CSSAt Gainesville Dental Associates, Dr. Manveen Atwal, DDS and our team located in Gainesville, Florida love helping our patients create the smile they have always wanted. Our permanent dental implants can replace damaged or decayed teeth without anyone knowing the difference.

Why do our patients love our dental implants? Not only do our implants fit like a natural tooth, they function like your own teeth which makes them blend seamlessly when you talk, eat, or smile. Because your implants are comfortable in your mouth, you can eat and chew the same foods you have always enjoyed. To care for your implants, you simply have to clean them as you would your own:

Implant Care

— Choose a toothpaste or gel that is low-abrasive so that you don’t scratch the surface of any exposed surfaces of the implant. Avoid stannous fluoride, sodium fluoride, baking soda, stain removers, and smoker’s toothpaste that could be abrasive.

— Use a soft-bristled tooth brush and brush twice a day.

— Floss using dental tape, or if you prefer, use a water flosser (oral irrigation device) one to two times each day. You may also use an interdental brush, rubber tip or soft picks to clean between the implanted teeth.

If you are accustomed to an active, social lifestyle, our dental implants can help your smile reflect your style. No one needs to know you aren’t sporting your natural teeth, so you can speak, laugh, smile, and eat freely. So take good care of your dental implants and your smile will reflect your health and confidence. If you have any questions or concerns, please give our team a call today at 352-231-8451.