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At the dental practice of Dr. Manveen Atwal, DDS, our experienced team is pleased to offer dental implants to replace damaged or decayed teeth. Dental implants are now considered the standard of care for missing teeth, because of their many benefits, not just for your pearly whites, but for your oral health. Here are some of the reasons why many of our patients choose dental implants for their smile restoration:

Natural Looking—dental implants are as close to your natural tooth as you can get, so they make the best option when restoring your smile. They fit like a natural tooth, they work like a natural tooth, and therefore blend easily into your eating, talking, and smiling lifestyle.

Minimal Bone Loss—dental implants are actually healthy for your smile because they keep the jaw bone stimulated, preventing bone loss which can alter facial structure

Surrounding teeth preserved—dental implants have the benefit of not requiring the surrounding teeth to be ground down to support them, like a conventional bridge.

Hassle-Free—dental implants are comfortable in the mouth, and don’t restrict your food choices. You can eat all your favorite foods, don’t need to be removed for cleaning, and can be cleaned by brushing just like your natural teeth.

Confident Smile—dental implants are set permanently in place, which means they won’t make clicking sound or move around in your mouth. You won’t notice they are there and neither will anyone else.

Are you ready to restore your healthy smile again with dental implants? Dr. Manveen Atwal, DDS is excited to help! To find out if you may be a candidate for dental implants, or to schedule a visit with our team in Gainesville, Florida, please give us a call today at 352-231-8451.