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The dental team of Gainesville Dental Associates in Gainesville, Florida, is pleased to offer dental bonding for our patients looking for low invasive restoration. Dental Bonding is situation where a tooth-colored composite resin is applied to a damaged tooth–whether the tooth has been chipped, fractured, discolored or decayed—to fix it.

Dental bonding is easily performed and is an economical fix for damaged teeth. It also requires very little of the original tooth enamel to be removed. Typically, it also does not necessitate the use of anesthesia. With proper care, it can last anywhere from three to ten years before requiring a touch-up or replacement. Dental bonding can typically be done in one visit, and once it is done, the bonding will make your damaged tooth look as good as new! Dental bonding can be used to:

  • Fix a decayed tooth
  • Fix chips or cracks in a tooth
  • Fix the color on a discolored tooth
  • Close spaces in between teeth
  • Make a tooth appear longer
  • Change the shape of a tooth
  • Protect a part of a tooth’s exposed root from gum recession

If you need skillful, minimally invasive help with a damaged tooth, Dr. Manveen Atwal and her dental team at Gainesville Dental Associates in Gainesville, Florida, are pleased to help. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 352-231-8451 today!