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Since April is oral cancer awareness month, Dr. Manveen Atwal and her team are still promoting oral cancer awareness for our patients. We want to help reduce the number of patients who might fall prey to this deadly disease, which kills people every hour of every day. But what happens when April is over? At Gainesville Dental Associates, we would like to see our patients checking themselves every month for the signs of oral cancer.

To begin, use a bright light and a mirror and start by taking out any dentures you are wearing. Next, look and feel the inside of your lips as well as the front of your gums. With your head tilted back you will want to check and feel the roof of your mouth. Then, pull your cheek out (one at a time) to inspect the inside of it and check the back of your gums as well. You will want to stick out your tongue and check the top and underside surfaces. And finally, you will want to feel both sides of your neck for lumps or swollen lymph nodes, and don’t forget to feel under your bottom jaw.

What to Look For:

–White patches in the mouth
–Red patches in the mouth
–A sore that bleeds easily and isn’t healing
–An unusual lump or thickening of the oral tissues
–A sore throat, cough or hoarseness that isn’t going away
–Having a hard time chewing or swallowing
–Feeling a mass or lump in your neck

As you take the time every month to check for the signs of oral cancer, you will be increasing your survival rate greatly, because this deadly cancer, like many, is most treatable when caught early. So if you have any questions or concerns for us, please let us know. To schedule a visit with Dr. Manveen Atwal and her team please call our Northwest Family Dental office in Gainesville, Florida at 352-231-8451 today!